about my work

Since 2014 I have a wonderful studio in Boven Leeuwen, where I can work in peace and regularly receive interested parties.

In my drawings I am driven by the idea that man and nature are inextricably linked in a world full of contrasts. For me a drawing is correct if in addition to harmony, disturbance is also visible, dark as well as light, and color aswell as black, both literally and figuratively. To depict these differant experiances I choose to make a drawing in a drawing, as a kind of mind-jumps.

What I first experienced as a ballast (my own history and emotions) is now also an important source from which I draw. In stead of avoiding the things that have determined my life so much, I now dare to touch them. growing up isolated in a forest, nature was both my friend and my enemy, love but also fear. This duality can be seen in my drawings. For example, I may draw blooming magnolia’s next to a black mess.

Everywhere I look I can see lines, rithms, structures weather I walk along the beach, in the forest or in the mountains

In the beginning I started drawing (ca. 1975) I then started painting, especially with oil paint. Colourfull and positive. After my son died (2005) I lost my way in making art. A long search for change started. I missed the directness of drawing. The strength and tenderness of the line. From 2015 I made my choice for drawing. Since that time I am in a process of researching, grow and deepening.

the fact that I was born and raised in the woods explains my fascination for the bond between man (culture) and nature.

The power and tenderness of the direct line