about my work

Since 2014 I have a wonderful studio in Boven Leeuwen, where I can work in peace and regularly receive interested parties.

I am inspired by the world I observe and experience. This leads to a mix of fantasy and reality. What is personal turns out to be universal and creates recognition, but also amazement. Experiments with colours, materials and techniques continue to inspire me and enrich my work.

My inspiration continues to be the experience of the border between my inner and outer world.

Once I started drawing (ca. 1975) I then started painting a lot more, especially with oil paint. However, I missed the line. I like the strength and tenderness of the direct line that is often lost in painting.

Because I was born and raised in the woods, it is not surprising that landscape, animals and people are my greatest inspiration. I observe and record impressions, thoughts and feelings that pass by. Everything comes together in my drawings (and paintings). Without a preconceived plan, but with a starting point. The work grows under my hands, sometimes large, sometimes small. Always an adventure.

The power and tenderness of the direct line